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Easy Solutions If I Can’t Login to

Outlook is one of the most popular online platforms which is used by millions of people. It is because it allows people to track down what they are looking for in many different ways, for instance, calendars, email inbox, drafts, junk files, archives, categories for several different emails. So, people are very fond of using it as it is very well-organized, fluent and is very easy to use.

Therefore, Microsoft Outlook, released in the year 1990 where it offered only limited applications like; Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. On the contrary, today Microsoft is offering us applications beyond our imaginations. It has more than seven applications which are so easy to use and fluent, specifically Microsoft Outlook. Today Microsoft Outlook has more than 400 million active users all over the world.

Now, as we are aware now, Outlook has so many active users there are chances for the site to crash. It means that the site stops serving data due to heavy traffic of active users at one time on the same site. Nevertheless, outlook has rarely reported such issues. However, some people are unable to log in to outlook.

Here we will provide you some reasons due to which you might think that your outlook is down today. The solutions will be the same for all your problems related to outlook email login issues or the reason that your Hotmail is not working.


Following are Some Reasons:


  • Low internet connectivity
  • You forgot your password
  • You might have trouble with 2-step verification
  • Forgot email address to sign in
  • Following are some possible solution:
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Reset your password
  • Try to sign-in using different methods being shown
  • Clear your cache
  • Clear your app data
  • Restart/ refresh your device

Therefore, these are some points that can help you resolve outlook email sign-in issues. If you are still unable to resolve these issues then you can go to their control panel and look for possible solutions.

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